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We believe well-being is for everyone

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Our universe nourishes your body, mind and shine from inside.

We believe nourishing your mind and body isn’t just essential - it’s your power. That’s why we created a universe of pure and powerful supplements to support your calm, sleep, energy and so much more.

Whether you’re conquering the day or simply making it through the week — we believe you’re a source of strength, grit and light and are here to support that effortless confidence, your shine from inside.

Our products are as powerful and unique as you.

We believe well-being is a series of paths you choose throughout the day, every day, which is why we’re committed to elevating wellness through daily lifestyle routines and provide nourishing wellness solutions that are as powerful and unique as you.

We pack our supplements with evidence-based, high-quality ingredients that are handpicked to help you feel your best and give your body what it needs—nothing more, nothing less.

Our supplements are made with high-quality nutrients without the sky-high markup.

Gluten Free
No harmful fillers or colorants
No artificial preservatives

We believe wellness should be attainable for all.

Our co-founder and CEO Angie Tebbe’s vision is to make well-being attainable for all. She left a successful corporate career to start a values-led company that creates nutritional solutions that give you support however you need it. As a women-led company, we live for wellness—and that passion fuels everything we do.

We’re nourishing the next generation.

We live and breathe support for well-being, including for the next generation. That’s why we donate 5% of all revenue to Girls Inc, the non-profit organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold through direct service and advocacy.

Meet our partners

Emerging science is increasingly demonstrating the relationship between mind and body, which is why we engage experts to explore this topic and share thought-leadership in support of your overall well-being. Together, we provide resources and inspiration to infuse nourishing wellness routines into your daily lifestyle.

Dr. Heather Irobunda, MD


Dr. Heather Irobunda is a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist currently practicing at NYC Health and Hospitals. She is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and licensed by the New York State Board of Medicine.

Rae Wellness Partners with Rachel Goldman PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and a Private-Practice Clinical Psychologist.

Rachel Goldman, PhD

AKA Dr. Rachel

Rachel Goldman is a Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and a private-practice clinical psychologist. Her holistic approach focuses on mind-body connection, stress reduction and health behavior change. She’s been featured in The New York Times, TIME magazine, CNN, USA Today, Shape, and Women’s Health.

Rae Wellness Partners with Dr. Deepika Chopra, Who Holds a Doctorate in Clinical Health Pychology and Specializes in the Connection Between Optimism and Well-Being.

Dr. Deepika Chopra

Optimism Doctor

Dr. Deepika Chopra holds a doctorate in clinical health psychology and specializes in the connection between optimism and well-being. Alongside Rae, Dr. Chopra supports prioritizing self-love and nutrition for optimal wellness.

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